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Abortion should be legal Abortion should be illegal
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Should Abortion be illegalized?

Your thoughts on this pressing issue? Is there a constitutional line being crossed by forcing women to give birth to what that woman doesn't want? Or is it murder of another human being without consent or thought?

Abortion should be legal

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Abortion should be illegal

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No woman should be forced to keep a baby that they do not want, no matter the circumstance. Even if they created that child with someone that they love very much, even if they have the means to take care of it. No other person should have any say what a woman does with her body, they are just some incubator that their entire life can be put on hold for 5+ years to have and raise a baby that they didn't even want in the first place. How many of you can remember when you were first born? Many people say that you're making the child sad and murdering it, well I mean jesus they can't even process what sadness is when they are like 2 let alone when they are still a fetus in the womb. Unless the government had some sort of plans for paying for each woman's pregnancy process i.e: new pregnancy clothes, vitamins, hospital check ups, whole hospital visit for giving birth, diapers, food, clothes, cribs, schooling, ect. then they have no right to infringe on the choices of the young woman making that hard decision. Having that kid is so much more than just giving birth to it, it is literally committing a good chunk of your life time to it, to care for it and watch it grow.

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